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KMHA Host Site Proposal for 2020 Annual Conference

The Kentucky Museum & Heritage Alliance (KMHA) is a statewide organization dedicated to serving the cultural, artistic, historical and museum community of Kentucky through support of collaboration, communication, networking, professional development, and advocacy.

KMHA hosts an annual professional development conference each June, allowing members the opportunity to network and collaborate with other professionals through workshops, lectures and social interaction.

KMHA member institutions who would like to serve as the host site for this event are invited to complete the following RFP for the 2020 conference.  The host site is encouraged to partner with area historical, artistic and cultural institutions and tourism and CVB officials, but is responsible for submitting the RFP.

In submitting RFPs, host sites should consider that the average budget for the KMHA annual conference is $6000, which does not allow KMHA to pay for meeting room space. Instead, host sites should locate and confirm the availability of suitable comped meeting room spaces prior to submitting an RFP.

Replies should be submitted electronically or by mail on or before August 1, 2018 to:

KMHA Vice President
Tressa Brown
Kentucky Heritage Council
410 High Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

502 564-7005 x4467
Fax 502 564-5820




Day 1

Afternoon Activities, 2 to 3 options (free or paid)

Evening Social, casual attire, optional cash bar

7:00 - ?
Dutch Treat dinner within easy driving distance from hotel

Day 2

9:00- 10:15
Up to 3 concurrent sessions (need 3 rooms accommodating up to 50 each)


Up to 3 concurrent sessions (need 3 rooms accommodating up to 50 each)

Lunch/plenary session/keynote (seating for at least 100)

1:00 –2:15
Up to 3 concurrent sessions (need 3 rooms accommodating up to 50 each)

2:15- 2:30
Break – beverages and light snacks provided as part of registration fee

2:30- 4:00
Up to 3 concurrent sessions (need 3 rooms accommodating up to 50 each)

8:00 to 5:00
Space for silent auction

6:00- 8:00
Dinner - 50 to 80, casual attire, optional cash bar, within easy driving distance

Day 3

Up to 3 concurrent sessions (need 3 rooms accommodating up to 50 each)

Break – beverages and light breakfast foods provided as part of registration fee

Up to 3 concurrent sessions (need 3 rooms accommodating up to 50 each)

12:00- 1:30
Lunch (seating for up to 100)


  • The Host Site will work with KMHA to secure sponsors for the Conference
  • The Host Site is responsible for ensuring that the conference schedule and meeting needs as previously outlined are met.
  • The Host Site responding to this RFP should provide a response indicating options available for each of the following requirements and associated costs:


  1. Approximately 60 rooms, 2 nights
  2. 1 comp room per 30 rooms booked
  3. Comp Meeting space for 17 member Executive Board meeting first day with Wi-Fi access, 2hours on Day 1


  1. 1 or more facilities to accommodate 2-3 concurrent meeting/workshop/seminar space for approximately 50 attendees, per session, in theater or classroom style seating: 1 or 2 facilities in close proximity and within a short walk time.
  2. Registration: 1 table, 2 chairs
  3. Vendor display space: approximately 10-15. Local host to provide table and 2 chairs per vendor.
  4. Silent Auction space/area
  5. Breakout room for breaks


  1. 2-3 two hour options, on Sunday afternoon, for conference attendees highlighting cultural, historic, networking opportunities accommodating 15 to30 attendees per activity. These activities can be comped or fee based, with comp preference.
  2. Arrange for transportation as needed for events


Day 1      Evening social and/or activity with appetizers and beverage, 40 to 60 attendees

Day 2      Breaks: light snacks & beverages

Lunch; light, casual lunch, preferably on site, for approximately 80

Evening Dinner: up to 80

Day 3      Break: light snacks & beverages

Lunch; sit down for Business and Awards:  approx. 60 to 80 attendees



  1. Oversee all duties required for conference registration including but not exclusive to:
    1. Accepting payments for any conference fees
    2. Compiling registration materials including conference agenda, name tags, event tickets
  2. Assistance with setup and breakdown of event
  3. Producing program (sessions and speakers)
  4. Provide support for Site Host as needed