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The Kentucky Museum and Heritage Alliance Conference is all about the exchange of ideas and learning from our fellow colleagues, so we need your help and input! The 2024 KMHA conference theme is Gateway to Museums and asks you to consider how we ensure that our institutions remain relevant and accessible in an ever-evolving world. We are calling for session proposals that focus on the ways in which we reach out to and engage with the public.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some questions to consider as you write your session proposal:
• Leadership: Strategic plans; what’s new/next? Where does your organization want to be in 20, 50, or 100 years? How do you and your staff plan on achieving your goals? Are your plans primarily construction and renovation, or people-centric (wage equity, staff diversification, professional development)?
• Resiliency and Sustainability: How is your site adapting to present challenges and anticipating new ones and in the future?
• Fundraising & Finance: How are you adapting to current trends in giving, new priorities from funding organizations, and ongoing discussions of ethical fundraising?
• DEAI: Implementing equity plans: what steps is your organization taking, in policies, operations, hiring, programming? What makes your organization adaptable, equitable, and relevant heading into the second quarter of this century? Whose voices are present in your leadership, collection, exhibits, and community? Whose stories are you centering?
• Communications: How has your marketing and communications planning changed post-Covid? What tools are helping you do your job more effectively? Where’s your audience in the face of a chaotic social media climate? What next?
• Advocacy: Who in your organization is involved in communications with public officials? How do you engage your board and other stakeholders in the places where your mission intersects with civic issues?
• Education: Engagement has always been a key goal for educators – what techniques are you using to train staff & volunteers, teach critical thinking and empathy skills, etc.? How are you planning for the evolving needs of your students, teachers, families, and adult learners?
• Collections & Exhibitions: Moving storage? Working towards digital or physical accessibility in collections? Reexamining cataloging practices or what ‘care’ for your collections and collections & exhibitions staff truly involves? Tell us about how your organization is engaging with your collections, from behind the scenes to the exhibit floor.
Do you have a great idea for a session unrelated to the conference theme? We want to hear those too!

Please submit your session proposal here

Session proposals are due by January 20, 2024.

Join us in Maysville for our 2024 conference!

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