KMHA Annual Conference

From June 11 through 13 2017, museum professionals from across the Commonwealth gathered in Frankfort, KY for the 9th Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Museum and Heritage Alliance. The meeting was hosted by the Kentucky Historical Society at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History and they did a brilliant job of providing facilities and technology to have a really great meeting. The meeting featured two interesting preconference tours to the Frankfort Cemetery and to the Capitol City Museum and Fort Hill. There were also two exciting evening events at Liberty Hall Historic Site and Buffalo Trace Distillery. This years meeting sought to bring more sessions on a range of relevant topics and succeeded in those goals with 3 sessions per time slot for the first time.

These sessions covered an array of topics from collections management, public engagement, fundraising, interpretation, and strategic planning. For most members of KMHA, the most beneficial aspect of the meeting is the networking that goes on and this years meeting certainly provided a number of opportunities for that. Several in initiatives were introduced for the first time at this years annual meeting including a state disaster preparedness network being spearheaded by Amy Beisel at the International Museum of the Horse and KHMA's new Professional Development Certification Program which will certify that participants have met criteria to have a basic professional understanding of a number of key areas in museum and cultural resources management.

This years meeting was a great success on many levels including number of sessions, quality of presentation, preconference and weekend events, and networking opportunities. It culminated in the KMHA business meeting in which the leadership of the organization passed from Sharon Tabor to Eric Brooks. Tressa Brown was elected Vice President and will chair the 2018 meeting. It was announced that said meeting will be held in Louisville and that there are a number of goals for it including celebrating the 10th anniversary of KMHA and taking advantage of the wide array of great cultural opportunities in Louisville. Overall, plans are underway to make that meeting really great and attract great attendance than has been attained in recent years. It should be a very exciting time with great surprises and events!

- Eric Brooks, Incoming KMHA President & 2017 Annual Conference Chair

Administrative Partner

Kentucky Historical Society